Machinery Directive

Machinery Directive (11)

The requirements on safety for conveyor belts for winter sport or tourist use have been updated.

The safety requirements on machinery and equipment for continuous casting of steel have been updated.

The safety requirements for bulk milk coolers on farms have been updated.

The safety requirements on derinding-, skinning- and membrane removal machines have been updated. 

The safety and environmental requirements and test methods on knapsack combustion engine-driven air blast sprayers have been updated.

The general and safety requirements on rear loaded refuse collection vehicles have been updated.

New requirements for the general design of load actions for crane safety!

New criteria have been set for aircraft fuelling equipment!


New basic concepts for hygiene and cleanability of food processing machinery and new safety and hygiene requirements for rotary rack ovens and slicing machines


New requirements for bridge and gantry cranes able to travel by wheels on rails, runways or roadway surfaces, and to gantry cranes without wheels mounted in a stationary position!