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Increased safety on board boats with new measures on fuel hoses to reduce the risk of fires!

EN ISO 7840 specifies general measures and physical tests for fire-resistant hoses for conveying petrol or petrol blended with ethanol, and diesel fuel or diesel fuel blended with FAME, designed for a working pressure not exceeding 0,34 MPa for hoses with inner diameter up to and including 10 mm, and 0,25 MPa for hoses up to 63 mm inner diameter in small craft.
It applies to hoses for small craft with permanently installed fuel systems. It does not apply to hoses entirely within the splash well at the stern of the craft connected directly to an outboard engine.
Specifications for non-fire-resistant fuel hoses are given in ISO 8469:2021. Specifications for permanently installed fuel systems are given in ISO 10088:2013.

Title: EN ISO 7840:2021 Small craft - Fire-resistant fuel hoses (ISO 7840:2021)

Date of Availability: 17.03.2021

Previous version harmonised under Recreational craft and personal watercraft Directive 2013/53/EU:
EN ISO 7840:2018 Small craft - Fire-resistant fuel hoses (ISO 7840:2013)


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