Regulation (EC) 765/2008 setting out the requirements for the accreditation and the market surveillance related to the marketing of products is the European framework for the implementation of market surveillance. The regulation became applicable on 1 January 2010.

In order to guarantee a uniform and coherent application of the EU harmonisation legislation, it sets out a framework of market surveillance in which minimum requirements are defined according to the objectives to be reached by the Member States and an administrative framework of cooperation which includes the exchange of information between the Member States.

The Commission has already developed this system via an IT tool called ICSMS (Information and Communication System for the pan-European Market Surveillance). It consists of an internal area (accessible only to market surveillance authorities) and a public area.

The market surveillance authorities upload their control activities to this application.

ICSMS also serves as a tool for exchange and cooperation between these authorities.

The most recent ICSMS version is available for all interested parties at the following address: webgate.ec.europa.eu/icsms


A new initiative to update ICSMS to improve administrative cooperation, and to extend the system to cover non-harmonised goods (i.e. those that do not come under EU rules).
Product safety - Information & Communication System on Market Surveillance (update)